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Conflict Minerals Statement


ZZJG condemns the ongoing conflict and resulting humanitarian harm in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), which is fueled, in part, by financing from trade in the ores from which tantalum and tungsten are derived. The two materials are now known as conflict minerals---when they originate in mines operated or taxed by the warring factions, they can be referred to as conflict minerals from conflict mines.



As part of our commitment to Principles on Human Rights, ZZJG is committed to work to eliminate from our products all conflict minerals that support armed groups in the DRC or in the surrounding countries, while at the same time, minimizing unintended consequences for legitimate miners and their dependents.


ZZJG will


* Continue to work toward the elimination, over time, of all conflict minerals from conflict mines in our products, and endeavor to improve, year-over-year, our ability to track conflict minerals in our supply chain, report on their origin, and eliminate those that originate in conflict mines.


*  Comply with the requirements of Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act, which requires companies to inquire into the origin of tantalum and tungsten in their supply chains, and report on the reasonable inquiry or due diligence the companies conduct to determine whether purchases of tantalum and tungsten supported armed groups in the DRC.


* Support industry-wide initiatives to verify smelters and refiners that are conflict-free.













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